Sea Inspired Wedding

The absolute most adorable couple 
met at the chapel this afternoon
and vowed to love each other forever...

and I was invited
to be apart of their
awesome celebrations!

The Cake

Fresh banana cake decorated in blue ombre buttercream, white buttercream coral, edible "sand" and white chocolate sea shells. My favorite accent to the cake are those adorable little "kissing" goldfish.

The Cupcakes
{Esty Shop where I bought cupcake wrappers}
Unbirthday Cake - Confetti cake topped with sour cream chocolate frosting and more sweet sprinkles!

Lemon Cream Pie - Vanilla bean cake filled with zesty lemon curd and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and lemon infused sugar.

Banana Pudding - Fresh banana cake topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, toasted pecans and a caramel drizzle.
Savannah Belle - Southern red velvet cake topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, a white chocolate sea shell and edible "sand."

The Favors

Sugar cookies adorned with two fondant goldfish {in love, of course} and white chocolate "bubbles." I finished them with a little disco dust for sparkle!

Ree and Lance were 
some of the sweetest clients 
and deserve nothing but the best!

I truely hope they enjoyed the cake
as much as I enjoyed creating it for them!
Super cute theme, huh!?


Paper Airplane Birthday Party

My sweet baby 
{I mean, BIG boy}
turned 4 over the weekend!

And, boy did we celebrate!
Friends, family...and a yummy cake -
it just doesn't get much better than that! :)

My son has a thing for 
Paper Airplanes!
He loves them...

and every Sunday,
before church service,
my husband has to make him one!

So, I couldn't think
of a more fitting
big boy birthday theme!

It honestly doesn't get 
more budget friendly than
paper plane decor, either:

The Wreath
{painted initial with hot glued paper plane}

Happy Birthday Banner
{hand drawn letters and "zipping" planes on card stock}

Paper Airplane Banner
{hanging off the favor table, simply taped paper planes to twine - also had them hanging on the mantel and several other spots throughout the house}

Craft Table
{Paper plane centerpieces made with floral wire, a few cans, styrofoam and some fabric. I balled up coffee filters to cover foam - thought it looked like clouds. I also had a paper "table cloth" where I drew "zipping" planes and scattered mini paper planes like confetti.}

4 Year Photos + Mini Zipping Plane=
Cute Decor, for sure!

Add in some coordinating 
streamers and balloons...
and we were set!

Then there was the

Our "In-Flight" Dinner
{Included Baked Potato Soup, Cauliflower Clouds & Broccoli Tree Tops, Mile High Sammies, Mixed Nuts and a Pretzel Control Tower}

Dessert, of course!
{Cloud 9 Parfaits, Oreo Pops, Fruit Skewers and Marshmallow Treat Wings}

And, The Cake!
{Lemon Confetti Cake filled with Fresh Blueberry Preserves and topped with Marshmallow Buttercream. I finished it off with Buttercream "Zippy's," White Paper Planes and Lime Ribbon.}

Craft Time:
{making and decorating paper planes}

Then, each kiddo got to "Test Fly"
their plane through the hula hoop!

Baggage Claim Favor Table
{Included "candy clouds" - white cotton candy, paper plane making tools, stickers and aviator sunglasses. I put them in a simple white paper bag and drew the "zipping" plane on with a sharpie.}

The only thing I forgot to photograph were the invitations, but I simply printed the wording on the back of colorful scrapbook paper and folded it into a plane before placing in the envelope! Turned out adorable!

My sweet baby Mason James had an absolute ball!
And, that just makes my heart smile!
A perfect day it was, indeed!