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Sugar Free Cupcake Jars {Available in my ETSY Shop!}

When I had the bakery, I had so many requests for
Low Sugar/Sugar Free sweets!
I bought several recipe books
and tried A LOT of recipes.

Some were good ...
some here just.plain.yuck ...
and some were pretty fabulous!

Recently, I had a good friend ask if I would be able to send some sugar free cupcake jars out to her grandmother - in CA no doubt - for her birthday. I, of course, agreed! Here's they are:

And, that got me thinking.
There's such a demand for this kind of thing ...
why not add them to the shop?!

I have several flavor combinations available, so check them out! They are the perfect way to "have your cupcake and eat it too!" even if you can't have much sugar - and will make wonderful gifts to those who have dietary concerns.

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday! 


Tractor Themed Birthday Party

On March 3rd
my handsome lil' guy
and all of his friends
celebrated his 2nd birthday!

I set up a fun, tractor inspired dessert table
on the grounds of a local farm ...
and I just have to share!

The Birthday Boy's Cake

Confetti Cupcake Jars

Kettle Corn and Cow Patties

Butterscotch Haystacks and Candy

S'mores Rice Crispy Pops and White Chocolate Pretzels

Tractor Wheels 

Our Drink Cooler 

Present Area 
{Custom Wreath and Framed Pictures by Fender Photography on top of wooden palettes.}

{Included Farm Animal Book, Mini Strawberry Plant in Flower Pot, Animal Crackers, Tractor themed Gummy Snacks and a Tractor Shaped Sucker all in a felt Barn}

And, finally, 
The Invitation

My son had a blast with his friends! Thank you Thompson Farms for making his birthday awesome! And, a big thanks to Fender Photography for capturing it all! 


Key Lime Pie Cupcake Jars

So, am I the only one
Or, that feels like this has been
the worst/looongest winter EVER!?

I am dreaming of warm weather!! And, maybe a piece of key lime pie, too!

Hmm...or maybe something better...
like a Key Lime Pie Cupcake!

Speaking of ... I have SUPER EXCITING news:

I sent off my first ETSY order today! 
How cute did these Key Lime Pie Cupcake Jars turn out?

Just HAD to share! :)

The cupcakes were amazing! They shipped great also! :) - K.K., Fort Mill, SC



I have some exciting news...
which is also the reason I haven't updated in awhile!

I love ETSY!
Who doesn't, right!
So, I am super excited to announce
that I have opened my own esty shop!

I have had SO many people contact me about shipping my Gourmet Cupcakes and up until a few weeks ago I just didn't think it was feasible - I mean how would I guarantee they'd make it in one piece?

Well, HELLO!!! 
Mason Jar Cupcakes, of course!
Thank goodness that hit me!

I offer 4 oz. and 8 oz. Cupcake Jars {available in nearly 20 flavors! Plain Jane and Caffeine Buzz is shown above} as well as a Box of 6 or Box of 12 Cupcake Truffles, my version of cake balls ... and each product is shipped Priority 2 Day the same day they're baked to insure my customers get the very freshest treats possible!

So, head on over and check me out!