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The past two weeks have been crazy busy for me...and it's mostly due to the fact that I just started the Twilight series. I could not put it down, so every minute of free time between orders was spent on the couch with a 500+ page book in my hand. It took me about 10 days, but all 4 have been read and enjoyed...now I can get back to my real life! Haha! I have missed writing...

Despite my indulgence in a vampire story, I did take a few breaks for my job! :) Here are my latest creations:

This cake was for the sweet Maddie. She was turning 5 and begged her mom for a Barbie themed party. It was alternating chocolate and vanilla cake covered in vanilla buttercream with marshmallow fondant details. Maddie absolutely loved it...and that made my day!

A shower for Mrs. Liz and her baby boy, Maddix, featured this cake of alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The baby feet and diaper were made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant as well. The mom-to-be flipped when she saw the cake and all of her guests "Oooo" over it!

This happy little cake was for Miss Masha who was celebrating her 10th birthday at a local zoo. It was done in chocolate, vanilla and banana cake and covered in marshmallow fondant. The monkeys and palm trees were handmade of chocolate marshmallow fondant and the bananas were hand sculpted as well. Each monkey held a different pose and the top one held a banner saying "Happy Birthday Masha." All of the kids jumped for joy when they saw this cake and could not wait to dive in...they all asked if they could each eat a monkey! They didn't believe it was all sugar.

Between making these three absolutely fun cakes and being consumed by a fantastical story, I have had an amazing couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing in my job that I love so much!

Jade Cahoon
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