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So, I am an HUGE fan of the Food Network Cake Challenges and even watch the re-runs! Haha...I learn something new every time I watch these amazing cake artists perform. I have wondered, though, how they get these wonderful cartoon versions of the cake drawn out before the cake is even started- and the research began!

As I'm looking through hundreds of websites promising this and that, I finally fell upon one that seemed legit! I waited on pins and needles for almost a week to get it in the mail...then it came and I think I played with it for 6 hours straight the first night! I was surprised at how user friendly it was, as well as how easy it could be to make great looking cartoon sketches! Here are a few examples:

I am very happy with it and think it will be an asset to my business! I've already used it for several cakes and my clients loved being able to see their special occasion cakes before the big day! And the best part- it's completely complimentary to all of my clients!!

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Busy Weekend Past

This last weekend was completely non-stop for me here in South Carolina! Between weddings, birthdays and cupcake orders, my kitchen was pumping out the sweets! Here's a little look at what I've been up to lately:

First, I had a birthday cake due on Friday. This was a rather small and fairly easy cake-but SO super cute! It was a chocolate on chocolate cake for Miss Amelia...her 7th birthday party was Saturday morning. She loves sprinkles and the color purple, so I incorporated both of those elements in her birthday cake. Also, for an added surprise, I filled between the layers with purple frosting instead of chocolate!

"Thanks for the great cake! It was delicious!!! Amelia loved it...all of the girls wanted the pc [piece] with the most sprinkles! It was a hit with everyone." B.M., Myrtle Beach, SC via Facebook

Next, I had a wedding cake due at 2 on Saturday. This was for the Blue's wedding in Florence, SC. The groom got in contact with me only a few weeks ago for information on my wedding cakes and wondered if I could do a cake from the TLC show "Cake Boss." After sending me a picture of what his bride wanted, I made a game plan. This chocolate and pound cake cake was covered in marshmallow fondant designed in a quilted pattern and edible silver pearls. Because I would prefer not copying another's creation exactly, I always put my little spin on it! This is my interpretation of the Boss' cake- I think it turned out beautiful!

"Our cake was beautiful and tasted amazing too! Thanks so much Jade you did an amazing job!" S.B. Florence, SC via Myspace

Last, but certainly not least, I had a cupcake wedding at 4! I have been conversing back and forth with the new Mrs. Hicks for months before we finally decided to go with 120 cupcakes and a small 2-tier cake for her "cabin on the lake" themed wedding. Her colors were ivory, chocolate brown and a splash of tiffany blue. I hand made the candy wafers sticking out of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and piped different scrolls and the couple's monogram on them. As a request from the groom, they also went with my Smore's cupcake: a moist chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream and topped with chocolate frosting and a homemade smore's. Although I never would have thought about using this cupcake for a wedding, it not only went perfectly with the whole cabin theme, but it also looked beautiful amongst the other cakes! Topping the cupcake stand was an ivory cake with chocolate brown scroll design and an "H" in the center.

"Hey girl! Just wanted to let u know that the cupcakes and cake were absolutely amazing!!!! U will DEF be recommended to everyoneee I know and we will most definitely be using you again!! :) thanks so much girl!!!" C.H., Florence, SC via Facebook

It was a challenging weekend, but so rewarding! The three cakes and all the cupcakes turned out just as I wanted and most importantly, my clients were very pleased! That's what I call a successful weekend!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Using Marshmallow Fondant

Throughout the few years I've decorated cakes, I have tried many frosting recipes and techniques for designing the perfect cake. When I had the bakery, I was so busy I never took the time to make my own fondant and just used Satin Ice. Although easy and convenient, buying rolled fon
dant had it's downfalls as well. Most important to THIS chef is the basically non-existent flavor of store bought fondant. The chewy confection adds nothing to the cake itself, which is a disappointment since I like to layer flavors for the most delicious end result.

I have heard of Marshmallow or M&M fondant, which is a homemade version made of marshmallows and powder sugar, but had honestly not thought about it much until recently. A bride asked if that was something I offered and if so, she would absolutely want that for her cake. So, the research began! I was surprised by the low number of ingredients and shocked by how easy it really was to make myself! The recipe I use is at whatscookingamerica.net
Not only does the flavor wow me and the making process a cinch, but it is also incredible easy to work with! Just like rolled fondant from the store, this homemade version rolls out nicely and lays on the cake perfectly! I will never go back to bought fondant...Marshmallow fondant is now my go-to and what's even better- it's super cost effective! Here are the first cakes I covered with my hand made fondant:

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