After graduating high school, I traveled to Europe, returned to finish college, changed my major a total of 5 times and then finally found my niche - FOOD! I attended culinary school in Myrtle Beach, SC with the intention of working my way up in the savory kitchen world. I interned under an Italian chef who grew my knowledge in every area of this crazy profession. In my spare time while working with Mr. Freddie, I took a cake decorating class that completely changed my life for the sweeter. And the rest is history...

I have been in this super sweet and fun business for 6 years and have perfected the art of cookies and cupcakes. Mine are scratch made using the freshest ingredients found in our area, including whole milk and cream, real butter and vanilla bean, as well as ripe fruit, Ghirardelli chocolate and imported coffee. With over 50 flavor combinations, there is a perfect cupcake for everyone!

But, that is not all I serve up! Other specialty treats:

Cake and Oreo Truffles
Bakerella made them famous - I made them scrumptious! }
Cookie Jars
{ THE perfect gift! }
Cupcake Jars
{ Baked in a Mason Jar - cute as a button! }

Pie Jars
{ Better than Grandma's - but, don't tell her that! }
Decorated Sugar Cookies
{ As long as I can find the cutter - I can create your cookie! }
Filled Cream Cakes
{ a.k.a. Whoopie Pies - Ohhhh yeahh!! }

Specialty Cakes
{ Perfect for baby SMASH cakes, to top your cupcake tower or to have standing on their own!  } 
My wedding cake and cupcake towers have graced hundreds of receptions in both North and South Carolina! Check out my Cake Menu and Pictures

I currently do not have a store front, but that doesn't stop me from making awesome confections for brithdays, weddings, showers and all special occasions. Visit my full Cupcake Menu. Local orders can be placed at sweetbabymasonjames@gmail.com or you can visit my ETSY shop for shipping products and details.

Now, that was about my company...
here's a little about ME:

While in college, I was goofing off on the computer one day {yeah, this was back when there was no facebook and all the cool kids had a myspace account} and received the sweetest little message from some guy named Heath. He said he was smitten and after dozens of emails and phone chats, we has our first date...and kiss! 

7 years, a beautiful wedding and two kids later, I am one happily married chick-a-dee! Speaking of kiddos, my first born is a super energetic little man named Mason James {hence, the blog name} and the newest addition is our priss-pot, Alice Christine. 

Our homestead is on the coast of South Carolina. Other than b&bin', {baking and blogging} I also enjoy crafting, reading, coffee breaks with my sister-in-law and date nights with the hubs!