Review of Cupcake Wellingtons

Okay guys and gals-
Here's what you (mainly I) have been waiting for...I made and tried the new cupcake wellingtons Cupcake Project came up with just a few days ago! It's actually very easy to do:

First, take your favorite cupcake and unwrap it. I used my all natural banana cake.

Next, I cut each cupcake in half and filled their centers with marshmallows. (You can certainly skip this step, or used a filled cupcake.)

Then, I put their tops on and piled on the dark chocolate chips. (Cupcake Project used a frosting to top hers, so feel free to do that...or come up with your own idea!)

Lastly, I wrapped the cakes up in prepared puff pastry, slapped on a little egg wash for color and sprinkled them with sugar crystals so they'll shimmer! They went into a 400 degree oven until the pastry was cooked and golden brown.

Now...the best part of all...The Tasting!

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmm! Talk about something spectacular!! These little treats are warm, gooey, chocolaty and pretty much scrumdibiliumptous! I served mine with ice cold milk- there may quite possibly be nothing better than this...I will say, the marshmallows melted to the point of nonexistence, so that was a little disappointing. But, one thing that surprised me was the cupcake did not dry out...I was a little worried about it being baked twice! I don't know if "every cupcake should be wrapped in puff pastry," but overall, this was a fabulous way to change it up a bit!


Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Birthday On The Farm

My sweet nephew, Caden, turned 1 on March 23rd! To celebrate, family and friends came together tonight for a farm themed party!

After talking with my sister-in-law and doing a little research on what other designers have come up with, we made a plan. We wanted to incorporate baby farm animals, a barn and a bail of hay to "smash." The only MUST my sister requested was a baby pig playing in the mud!

And I came up with this:

The largest tier was chocolate chip cake covered in vanilla buttercream and a marshmallow fondant white Pickett fence. The barn was made of my all natural banana cake, covered in vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant details. The "smash" cake was a super moist chocolate cake covered in vanilla buttercream "hay." Each baby farm animal was made by hand with my homemade marshmallow fondant. And, yes, we had a piglet playing in mud!

I have been looking forward to this cake for weeks now and am very excited to share it with you! It was such a good time to make...it took me all afternoon, but it was totally worth it! It came out just as I imagined! My sister loved it, and as you can see, so did my nephew!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Around The Clock

Have you ever heard of an 'Around the Clock' shower theme? Well, this cake certainly has a twist on the traditional shower cake!

An adorable bride of mine ordered this cake with only the one suggestion:

Think "Alice in Wonderland"

I love, love, love doing these types of cakes...fun, bright colors and pretty much anything goes! Here is what I came up with-

This Charleston Style Pound Cake with a Mocha Filling is topped with Vanilla Buttercream and Fondant Decorations.

And if you think this is fun, just you wait for the wedding cake! We're talking unlike any other wedding cake I've done! It's going to be a blast to create!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Deisgner Cakes and Cupcakes


NEW Cupcake Flavor

I promise I've been good while recovering! I've rested...I've let my husband wait on me, my son and the house...I've even let so many wonderful friends and family cook for me. But, now that I'm starting to feel more and more normal, I NEEDED to do something creative!

Sweet & Sour Peach (Inspired by one of my favorite childhood candies, Sour Peach Rounds)
Super moist vanilla bean cake with loads of fresh peach chunks, topped with zesty lemon buttercream, sugar crystals and a Sour Peach Round.

This yummy little treat takes you back to when picking the right kind of candy was the hardest decision you made all week! The mixture of tart lemon and super sweet peach makes for the perfect mini cake! Mmm!!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes

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Thanks to marccortez for the picture!