Eggnog Cupcakes

Tonight after dinner my husband looks over at me with these puppy dog eyes that said, "Pweeese make some dessert!" I have been wanting to try a new holiday recipe for a while, so I hopped up and started my Kitchen Aid...

Eggnog Spiked Cupcakes
These little delights were made with actual eggnog, a splash of dark rum and freshly grated nutmeg. They are topped with an eggnog cream cheese frosting and holiday flair.

I am not a fan of eggnog...the thick, chalky and bitter drink does nothing for my palate. But, my husband LOVES it and this was for him....

I have to admit, though, these cupcakes blew me away! The nutmeg cut the sweetness in the moist cake and the touch of rum made the frosting pop. Eggnog may be my new favorite...just in cupcake form! ;)

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Sweet Little Notes

I received the sweetest letter in the mail today and wanted to share it with you all...

Thank you so much for the beautiful cake and cupcake tower for our wedding weekend. We can't describe in words how awesome they tasted and beautiful they looked! So many people complimented them. Your talent is amazing - I wouldn't have wanted them any other way! We so much appreciated your hard work from our first meeting...to the tasting - to our wedding day! There is no doubt in my mind that recommending your sweet treats to friends and family would ever be a bad idea. Your work is outstanding and incredible! Thank you so much!

PS: ...Mark tries to eat our anniversary cake every time he gets in the freezer! He loved it!

Mark and Sara G. (Myrtle Beach, SC)

All I can say is WOW! And thank you guys for inviting me to be apart of such a beautiful day for two very special people!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Sweet Potato Souffle Cupcake

As far back as I can remember, my favorite part of the holidays was the food...and my favorite part of dinner was Sweet Potato Souffle!
Ever since I started baking, this recipe has been in the back of my mind - I just kept telling myself I'd try it when I had a free day. Well, between orders and just life itself that day never came...until today, that is!

Sweet Potato Souffle Cupcake

This is a super light sweet potato cake with hints of cinnamon and brown sugar topped with a marshmallow meringue toasted under the broiler.

Can I just say "Mmmmmm Mmmm Mmmmmmmm!!!" If you like sweet potatoes, you'll LOVE this cupcake!

This flavor is perfect for the holidays! Order a dozen and let Sweet Street take a little stress away from your dinner preparations! Email orders to sweetstreetsc@aol.com.

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes