Using Marshmallow Fondant

Throughout the few years I've decorated cakes, I have tried many frosting recipes and techniques for designing the perfect cake. When I had the bakery, I was so busy I never took the time to make my own fondant and just used Satin Ice. Although easy and convenient, buying rolled fon
dant had it's downfalls as well. Most important to THIS chef is the basically non-existent flavor of store bought fondant. The chewy confection adds nothing to the cake itself, which is a disappointment since I like to layer flavors for the most delicious end result.

I have heard of Marshmallow or M&M fondant, which is a homemade version made of marshmallows and powder sugar, but had honestly not thought about it much until recently. A bride asked if that was something I offered and if so, she would absolutely want that for her cake. So, the research began! I was surprised by the low number of ingredients and shocked by how easy it really was to make myself! The recipe I use is at whatscookingamerica.net
Not only does the flavor wow me and the making process a cinch, but it is also incredible easy to work with! Just like rolled fondant from the store, this homemade version rolls out nicely and lays on the cake perfectly! I will never go back to bought fondant...Marshmallow fondant is now my go-to and what's even better- it's super cost effective! Here are the first cakes I covered with my hand made fondant:

Jade Cahoon
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