NEW Cupcake Flavor

I promise I've been good while recovering! I've rested...I've let my husband wait on me, my son and the house...I've even let so many wonderful friends and family cook for me. But, now that I'm starting to feel more and more normal, I NEEDED to do something creative!

Sweet & Sour Peach (Inspired by one of my favorite childhood candies, Sour Peach Rounds)
Super moist vanilla bean cake with loads of fresh peach chunks, topped with zesty lemon buttercream, sugar crystals and a Sour Peach Round.

This yummy little treat takes you back to when picking the right kind of candy was the hardest decision you made all week! The mixture of tart lemon and super sweet peach makes for the perfect mini cake! Mmm!!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes

Place an order for a dozen at sweetstreetsc@aol.com
Thanks to marccortez for the picture!