Sugar Free Cupcake Jars {Available in my ETSY Shop!}

When I had the bakery, I had so many requests for
Low Sugar/Sugar Free sweets!
I bought several recipe books
and tried A LOT of recipes.

Some were good ...
some here just.plain.yuck ...
and some were pretty fabulous!

Recently, I had a good friend ask if I would be able to send some sugar free cupcake jars out to her grandmother - in CA no doubt - for her birthday. I, of course, agreed! Here's they are:

And, that got me thinking.
There's such a demand for this kind of thing ...
why not add them to the shop?!

I have several flavor combinations available, so check them out! They are the perfect way to "have your cupcake and eat it too!" even if you can't have much sugar - and will make wonderful gifts to those who have dietary concerns.

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday!