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I know you know that every occasion is more fun with GOURMET CUPCAKES!! But what about elegant!?! Well, since I've had a custom cupcake stand made, cupcakes are much more than just fun!

I got in touch with a wonderful glass company here in eastern South Carolina and they were able to construct a stand that can hold any where from two dozen all the way up to 300 cupcakes! With their interchangeable thick-cut glass tiers, having a stand that accommodates your personal needs is now easier than ever!

Take a look:

What's so great about this stand is there's 10 full inches between each tier. That means the topping and decoration possibilities are endless. (There's no more worries about fit!!) Not to mention, the center silver steaks can also be covered with just about anything to match your event's theme! I'm super excited to use this more and more!

Fellow Cupcaker,

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes
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