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With Valentine's looming, I've been mostly blogging about that and have neglected to show you the latest cakes and cupcakes I've had so much fun creating!

Zebra Print
This cake was for a close friend's sister, who is a spunky lil' thang! She's a hair stylist by day and a bartender by night, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a funky animal print design!! I used Rich Butter Cake and my Vanilla Buttercream for this creation with Marshmallow Fondant zebra stripes and bow.

"That was such an awesome cake!! Lindsey LOVED it!! [Everyone] wanted to know where it came from. Thank you so much!" A.S. Florence, SC

Carnival Fun
The next cake was for Charleigh's 6th birthday party. I was able to work again with the fabulous Tyler Harnish from Ta Da Parties by Ty on this carnival themed event. The birthday girl wanted her own small cake and Tyler thought it would be great if I could incorporate the big tent somehow. So, I turned the cake INTO the big tent. I used Dark Chocolate Cake and my Vanilla Buttercream on the tent- the stripes and banner are Marshmallow Fondant. Three dozen cupcakes also were in attendance...Vanilla Bean Cake topped with Vanilla Buttercream and colorful nonpareils. Handmade Marshmallow Fondant popcorn and "Admit One" tickets adorned the cakes as well. (I even dusted each popcorn kernel with a little gold shimmer dust to give the effect of melted butter.)

Wedding Cake Tasting
A good friend from high school is getting married April 17th and I recently had a tasting with her. The bride-to-be wanted to try the Charleston Style Pound Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and 4 fillings: Vanilla Cream Cheese, Lemon Curd, Fresh Strawberry Preserve and Mocha. We also had a chance to sit down and talk about which elements will make her perfect wedding cake...it had been so long since I've seen her, so it was wonderful catching up! I'm really looking forward to this cake- it's going to be fun and unique, just like her!

These last few cakes have been a blast! I love being able to work with such an array of personalities and original ideas. What better job is there?

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes
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Anonymous said...

Your cakes are incredible! What a fantastic artisan you are.