Effie's Recipe Box

If you have been tagging along 
with me for some time now,
you know all about my 
great grandmother, Effie.

She is the one who first
got me interested in cooking ...
I remember helping her in the kitchen -
rolling biscuits and soaking collards.

I would go visit her in Charleston, SC
and stay for a week or two at the time.
She was the kindest, most loving person 
who taught me so many things.

And, although she's been gone
for many years now, 
Grandma Effie still inspires me daily to 
not only be a better chef, but a better person!

So, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was
when my dad called a few weeks ago and told me
he had found her old recipe box!
{It had been MIA since her passing.}

I almost burst into tears when he said the words!
My amazing aunt let me borrow them 
so I could snap some photos and copy down
the recipes Effie used and cherished!

You know me ...
I just HAD to share this discovery with you!
Here are some snap shots of her 
handwritten cards - which I swear still smell like her!

How awesome, right!?
I took 3 of the photos
and printed each on a small canvas
to hang in my kitchen:

Those are her serving spoons, too! :)

How cool is that wooden recipe box!? Had to get a picture of it with the wall art before having to return it to my aunt!

After looking through the TONS
of recipes in her box, I've been inspired!
My plan is to take one of her recipes per week
and share them with you!

My hope is that these special family recipes
will also touch your family's heart
just as they touched ours every time
Effie entered her small square kitchen!

Y'all have a fantastic week!
Talk to you all very soon!


GStaples said...

Don't you just love the memorable things from our relatives??? I am so excited for you! Can't wait to read the recipes!

Roonis said...

Oh wow, Jade, that's so amazing! I know exactly how much this means to you. Any time a family heirloom speaks to a creative side of you AND an emotional side...well, it's just awesome. Love the wall art!


Rachel said...

What a great idea! You could make a whole blog out of this alone (move over Julie and Julia!) :) I love the first installment (the pumpkin and pecan pie) and can't wait to see what you choose next!