Going To The Chapel...

Happy Sunday!
I turn 26 today!
Yay! Looking forward 
to relaxing with family today!

But, first I wanted to show you
what I was up to over the weekend!
An amazing couple tied the knot
and invited me to be apart of their gorgeous day!

This antique inspired, 
two toned 6 tier cake
was the perfect addition 
to their romantic wedding!

Each tier featured a unique flavor, including Lemon Blueberry, Mocha, Red Velvet, Toasted Almond and Marble. The entire cake was covered in my Vanilla Buttercream, tinted a beautiful Champagne hue. The decorations were hand piped buttercream in white. A miniature cake was also prepared for the Mother-of-the-Bride ... she has a gluten and corn allergy, so a gluten/corn free lemon cake was created just for her!

This little cake
is being filed under
my Top Favs, for sure!!
LOVE how this one turned out!

The colors were spot on,
the theme was soft and 
just plain pretty,
and the flavors were crowd pleasing!

Thank You
to my awesome couple!!
I loved working with you guys!

{I left before the florists had time to cover the bottom Styrofoam in flowers - can't wait to see how the professional pictures turn out!}

Congrats to you both!


Kim McCallie said...

You did a beautiful job, Jade! I love it! So elegant!

GStaples said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! You did a great job! Did you put it together at place of the reception?

Jade Cahoon said...

Thank you both so much! :) Yes, I always transport my cakes separate and stack them when I get on location.