Cake Sketch Computer Software

So, I am an HUGE fan of the Food Network Cake Challenges and even watch the re-runs! Haha...I learn something new every time I watch these amazing cake artists perform. I have wondered, though, how they get these wonderful cartoon versions of the cake drawn out before the cake is even started- and the research began!

As I'm looking through hundreds of websites promising this and that, I finally fell upon one that seemed legit! I waited on pins and needles for almost a week to get it in the mail...then it came and I think I played with it for 6 hours straight the first night! I was surprised at how user friendly it was, as well as how easy it could be to make great looking cartoon sketches! Here are a few examples:

I am very happy with it and think it will be an asset to my business! I've already used it for several cakes and my clients loved being able to see their special occasion cakes before the big day! And the best part- it's completely complimentary to all of my clients!!

Jade Cahoon
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Trudy said...

Hello if you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the software?

Jade Cahoon said...

Hi Trudy! I don't mind a bit! :) It's called Wedding Cake Design Pro. I bought my copy off their website. I have recently seen, though, that members of cakecentral.com have free access to a sketch program. So, you may want to check that one out before spending the money! Hope this helps!

Trudy said...

Hi Jade! Thank you very much for responding and I check out cakecentral.com