February's Book Club Meeting

I purely enjoy wrapping up in a warm blanket and diving into a good book. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time between PB&J's, play dates and bath times to do any of that lately...so, I
thought maybe with a little motivation I could get back into the practice of making time for
something I like so much.

And, Sweet Reads was born!

Yup, I started a book club! :) But, we're no ordinary book club...you see, I am not what you would call an "intellectual." hehe - I get into contemporary {fun} reads. And, by no means will it be anything like Oprah's! In fact, if it's on her list, it's not a book for us. ; )

{I can hear the gasps!}

Really, though, it's about us girls getting together once a month and enjoying each other's
company...with a little healthy discussion about each book's topics here and there - and maybe a cupcake, too. It's all just for fun!

Well, tonight was the first meeting and I'd have to say it went very well! As members arrived,
they were greeted with the Suggestion Box. This is our anonymous recommendation/voting system. {Just in case a not-so-interesting book is suggested and then voted in, no one will know who did what!} Members simply fill a little piece of pretty paper out with the book they wish to read and it's author. The vote takes place a little later on in the night.

Then, they made their way in to the yummy dessert/coffee table! I came up a way to make the BIG REVEAL of each month's book super fun! I will decorate whichever goodies adorn the table with hints to the book's title. The first person to guess it correctly wins a small $5 gift!

They are quite possibly the ugliest confection I have ever created!
{The white things are suppose to be wings.}
I struggled with posting them on here...
Whatever you do, do not tell Miss Bakerella!
; )


Sooooo, they are suppose to be Bees...yeah, I know! Looks nothing like the tiny creatures!
BUT, they tasted good! So, I guess that's all that matters, right!?

I also made Chocolate Mint cookies with words like, "Shhh" "Hush" & "Cross My Heart"

Can you guess this month's title?

The Secret Life Of Bees

The winner tonight was Christy! Yay!!

The very last thing we did was vote for our next read. The members voted on Bitter Is The New Black by Jen Lancaster and The Commoner by John Burnham.
We had a great first meeting! I'm already looking forward to March and finding out which book was voted next!