Exciting *NEW* Cupcake

One of my most popular cupcake flavors is Red Velvet. The mixture of buttermilk, cocoa and cream cheese frosting is beyond perfection to so many people!

Red Velvet has one problem amongst recent clients, though...

...it's RED!

There are growing numbers when it comes to baking {and eating} as natural as possible, so adding THAT MUCH food coloring to a product is starting to turn a few off. Not to mention, the color red just doesn't fit in to all weddings!

Well, my dears - I have a solution!

These luscious confections are a super light buttermilk cake {with or without} fresh raspberries baked in and topped with a smooth almond cream cheese frosting & a mini amaretto cookie. 

With this cupcake, you still get an outrageously moist buttermilk cake with everyone's favorite southern cream cheese frosting - only without all the extra dye. White Velvet is the perfect alternative and addition to any cupcake tower!


Lisa said...

Oh what a delicious flavor for a cupcake. Looks like you've hit on the next big thing.