VDay Gift Idea For New Couple

Valentine's Day

Are you ready, yet?

My sister came into town for the night so I could help her put together a fun {and not too serious} gift for her valentine this year.

They have been friends for a few weeks now and while they were having dinner the
other night, he asked her to be his valentine.
Everyone with me now: Awww!

Since they are not officially dating {and by that I mean it's not FACEBOOK OFFICIAL}, she didn't want to go over board with a mushy-esque gift. She's more of a bud and burger kind of gal, anyway! I ALWAYS say go with food if you're unsure of the perfect gift!

And that's exactly what we did...

His favorite food is tacos, so we definitely needed to include that in his gift - there's a box of taco shells behind the jerky - and whats more manly than beef jerky!? The Altoids and gum are for kisses, of course!

Supposedly, her valentine sweats a lot {?not stinky sweat, she assures me...?} so she wanted to buy him deorderant sorta as a gag gift...see what we wrote? Too funny! Thank goodness he's a good sport!

These tags are all scrapbook paper I had on hand that I simply hot glued conversation hearts to and wrote letters on with a sharpie. We also decided to tie each gift with twine...that's more manly than a gift bag, right!? ;)

She was so excited when we were finished...she wants to give them to him early!

Here's to a fabulous Valentine's Day!