The Cupcake Bar

Sweet Street's "Cupcake Bar" Debut

My turn came up to host Bunco at my house and after some thought (well, really hardly any at all...) I just knew I had to do it cupcake style! And what better way to incorporate such a fun theme than with a Cupcake Bar!

It was a super easy process for me...and such an exciting twist for my friends! When all my guests arrived, I gave them each a bowl of batter and pointed them in the direction of the bar:

They chose their favorites and circled back to me, where I mixed their concoction and placed it in a cupcake liner. (Notice the name tags? I made those simply out of parchment paper and a black marker. And what a life saver they were- after the cupcakes baked, I wouldn't have been able to tell one from the other!)

They baked while we ate dinner and caught up on each other's past month...

And, in not time at all, they were hot out of the oven!

While we played our first two rounds, our mini cakes cooled. By the time the last roll was rolled, they were ready to be iced...each girl got to top her cake with my homemade cream cheese frosting and the confections of her choice!

If the cakes were already baked, this would be an awesome ice breaker for a dinner party...a great activity for children birthday parties...or an exciting way to let your shower or wedding guests have fun with their food! Packages can range from a small get together (a mere dozen) or I can accommodate a larger group (up to 200) and any flavor combinations available!

Thanks girls for letting me try this idea out on you guys! I had a blast!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes
For more information, please email sweetstreetsc@aol.com