Almond, Chocolate & Coconut Goodness

I had a STROKE OF GENIUS today- in form of a cupcake!

Almond Chocolate Chip
This is a super moist almond cake with dark chocolate chips folded in and topped with a sour cream buttercream frosting, toasted coconut and a luscious chocolate drizzle.

My inspiration for this cupcake is obviously the Almond Joy candy bar, which I love, love, love!! But, I had no idea how explosive the flavor of this cupcake would be! The cake is so light and moist...with a wonderful almond and dark chocolate flavor. The sour cream blends into the buttercream to create a sweet and tangy combination that is not overly sweet like some buttercream's can be. And, the toasted coconut on top finishes off this confection perfectly.

I have a new FAV!!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes
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