Up Close Look At The Alphabet Wall

I just couldn't wait another second to post the alphabet wall yesterday...
So, today I'm going to take a few letters I made myself
And break them down for you.

I guess we'll go in alphabetical order - tee hee! ;)

The "E" is made of sticks. I went out into the yard, found 4 sticks that seemed to be the right size and hot glued them together. After hanging with a ribbon, I added a button to hide the nail...I hate seeing a nail!

This is actually my second attempt at an "F" - the first was wooden building block glued inside a frame. It was adorable...and it was HEAVY! So, after some thought and a little persuasion by my son {and by persuasion, I mean he broke it} I decided to make a second "F" and choose between the two. The second was my choice! I had this old book in my collection that was just falling apart...and it was a sailing story, so I thought how perfect. After attaching some burlap to canvas, I rolled a few pages from the book to form the "F." I then added the cover and title page in the bottom corner. I'm much happier with this "F!"

For the "M," I found this super cute, antique map print in the scrapbooking section at Michaels for $0.59. After framing it, I glued an "M" in the corner {it was in my collection AND was already painted!}

The "H" was made from an old sign I bought in a flea market for $1 - I bought it a while back and just fell out of love with it...so, I Mod Podged some pretty paper to it and used fabric cord trim to form the "H."

The "I" is kind of a funny story...when I was first getting my thoughts together on this wall, I wanted to use a lobster bouy for the "I." But after seeing the prices on those guys, I knew I needed to come up with a plan b! Then one night I was browsing our local Goodwill when I saw this awesome belt! {Not for wearing, mind you! ;) } So, the "I" is a belt I got for $.075 and cut to fit the space.

The "Q" was quite simple - it's a wooden letter I bought at Hobby Lobby that I wrapped some old ribbon I had on hand around. Pretty cute and easy, right!

The "Y" is one of those landscape pictures I bought in an open air market in Charleston a few months back. To jazz it up a bit, I attached it to a small canvas and glued sand around the edges to frame the picture. To finish it, I added a cute sea shell.

The "AND" is a small piece of wood I bought at Hobby Lobby for like a $1 and painted with chalkboard paint. I attached a cute ribbon and was done!

Finally, the "Z" is one of those chunky, hallow cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby that I wrapped twine around.

Once I had everything sitting in front of me, the wall really came together rather quickly. The hard part was the months of collecting, for sure! The more I look at the pictures, the less I like the anchor as the "T," so that may be changing...but overall, I'm super happy with the way it turned out!


Tasha said...

I LOVE This!!!!!! I just spent a little bit going through all your posts! I love allthe different ways you did your letters, this is one of the best alphabet walls I have seen!!! You rock!!
Have a great weekend!

Tasha said...

P.S. I am your newest follower!!! Can't wait to see your other projects or recipes!

Brittany Allred said...

Please don't change the anchor. It's one of my favorite pieces! :) If you do...send it this way! haha!