Balsamic Blue Cheese Cupcake

I know.
That title is just all wrong.
I mean, WHO would put BLUE CHEESE in a CUPCAKE!?

ahem...this girl would!

The idea was actually a challenge set by my husband. We were watching Sunday night's episode of Cupcake Wars and one of the secret ingredients contestants had to choose from was blue cheese. Of course, no one chose that!

My cute hubby didn't think I could successfully make a sweet cupcake with blue cheese as an ingredient!

Well, my dear, here it is: {And it ROCKS!}

I used one of my favorite salads as inspiration for this creation. A pear cupcake with chunks of Bosc pear and toasted walnuts throughout the cake was topped with a blue cheese cream cheese frosting and balsamic reduction drizzle.

Now, this is what I call an adult cupcake! There's not really a sharp taste of blue cheese in the frosting, you just know there's something different in there. It masks some sweetness from the cream cheese frosting and leaves a slight tang on the palette. The balsamic reduction finishes this cupcake off perfectly.

This would be a great addition to your wedding cupcake tower...it's an elegant escape from vanilla!


Kimberly said...

Wow...I'd love to try that one! Very interesting and I'm all about some food adventures:)