Mini Christmas Home Tour

My home is not even close to being finished. I'm sure most of you can sympathize with the fact I'm constantly changing, tweaking and adding to decor. :) Soooo, I'm going to share a few rooms that I'm happy enough with to post!

I don't know anyone who doesn't LOVE this time of year...I look forward to it starting in the summer. {Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I actually had all my Christmas decor up a week before Thanksgiving! That's how much I enjoy the feeling I get at the holidays! haha!}

We're starting in the dining room...and yes, I have a Christmas tree in the dining room! :) This
year's theme is "Partridge In A Pear Tree" - I hosted a Cookie Exchange a couple of weekends ago with that theme...I could kick myself for forgetting to take pictures! Ugh! Anyways, here we go!

This is my favorite room in the house....some of it is probably because I'm a chef and that's where my creations are enjoyed! But, it really is where my family spends most of their time - not to mention, that wall paper is to die for! Literally, I may love it more than I love my husband! ;) {Just kidding, honey!}

I know the table is a little on the skimpy side, but it is used several times a day so complicated centerpieces just doesn't make since for us. That's an old frame I found in the dump pile at a thrift store, so I gave the owner a quarter for it. I have another plan for it after the Christmas decor is put away!

Don't you love this window? My friend and fellow DIY'er gave it to me - it's from her parent's first house which was built by her grandfather. It's the best, right!?! I think I'm going to eventually hang it in our bedroom with an antique map behind it.

Now, we're moving into the living room...my second favorite room in the house! I just placed those shutters behind my hounds tooth chairs. What do you think? It's growing on me...I do think they need something, though, just not sure what that is...

Along with the shutters, this door was found in our attic. They are both solid wood and h.e.a.v.y!

This is my birdhouse wall...my husband and I almost divorced over those shelves! Haha - let's just say, we don't work that well together {when it comes to hanging shelves, anyway} - we both think we're right and have the best way of doing something! ;) No worries, we're still honeymoonin' it!

Check out this neat little area in the small hallway - it's a telephone station! I hated this so much when I first moved in! I just couldn't come up with a cool concept for it...I mean, I'm a baker at heart, ya know! But, then I found that odd little multi-vase thing at a flea market {it's held together by metal wire that's covered up by the Christmas bow.} Isn't it funny how one little $3 piece can get your creative juices flowing?

And, I'm leaving you with snippets of my kiddo's tree...the topper is a wooden train {"choo choo," as my son would say} tied with a bow.

Thank you so much for stopping by...
feel free to comment on any shutter suggestions! :) I need a creative boost for those! I hope you all are having a fun and festive Christmas season!

Jade C.


Tammy@beatrice banks said...

Such pretty Christmas touches! I have that same white bird cage! I love how you added the ornaments inside. And I want those houndstooth chairs! I'm so into houndstooth. I devoted an entire post about it once. I have a houndstooth ottoman. Love your chairs!