Stuffed Marshmallow Pops

Yes, you read that right...I made Mexican Hot Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows!

My Bunco group has their annual Christmas Party this Saturday and although I was given the "main dish" card, I also planned to bring something cute and sweet. So, I wanted to do Coconut
Marsh Pops {or what I'm calling "Snowball Pops"} but I was worried about them being overwhelmingly sweet with the sugary marshmallows, white chocolate and coconut. The
more I thought, the more I wanted to stuff them...

Wanting to counter act the sweetness, I decided to go with a mixture of dark chocolate, balsamic
vinegar and cinnamon. After combining those with a little heavy whipping cream and melting it in a double broiler, I threw the batch into the fridge for about an hour or until hardened.

Here they are after I stuffed them...they kind of looked like stuffed mushrooms before I added the sucker stick, huh?

To prep the marshmallows, I took a sharp paring knife and carved out the center of each marshmallow. When the ganache had hardened, I scooped half a teaspoon out and molded it {quickly} into an oval shape with my fingers. I then stuffed the molded ganache into the hollowed marshmallow. When each had been stuffed, I placed a sucker stick into the center and refrigerated for 30 minutes.

When the ganache had re-hardened, I dipped each pop into melted white chocolate and rolled them in shredded coconut.

The results are UH-MAZING! The dark chocolate gave the pops a bitterness that paired perfectly with the super sweet marshmallows and the cinnamon gave them a warmth that's just right for the holidays! Although they are a little time consuming, they're so worth it! Not to mention, they would be a cah-ute Christmas gift for that person who's hard to buy for!