A Crafty Christmas #1

So, this year I am doing the present thing a little different. Up until this point, I have always bought gifts...I L.O.V.E. to shop! And, by shop I mean slap on my tennis shoes, arm myself with coupons and hunt for awesomely discounted merchandise! ;) It's like such an accomplishment and almost high when I find the perfect gift at a deal. Plus, who doesn't like the hustle and bussle of a crowded mall at Christmas? {Well, other than my husband, who until he met me was a full blown internet shopper!}

I have been inspired this year, though, and will be giving {mostly} handmade gifts. I'm pretty excited and thought I'd share my crafts and ideas.

My first gift is to my husband's grandma, Miss Eloise. She is quite spunky and fiesty for a lady her age. Quick story - the first family dinner I was invited to when my husband and I were dating {also the first time I met Eloise}, she leaned over and said to me, "You know, I've heard redheads have the devil in 'em." I could have died because at the time I was sporting red hair! She thought it was hilarious making me squirm like that! I love her - she is so great!!

Well, other than poking fun at all of us, she also likes birds and enjoys a good trip to Big Lots! This is what I came up for her...

I know most of you saw the Button Monogram Pillow splashed around blogland a couple of months ago. That was my inspiration for her gift. I found this gorgeous pillow on sale and bought a bag of buttons from A.C. Moore {with my 40% off coupon!} With a piece of chalk, I drew a bird sitting on a branch freehand and figured out the button placement. I finshed it by adhering the buttons in place with my handy hot glue gun!

Since I hardly spent $5 on her pillow, I wanted to do something more for her...then, I was shopping in Micheal's and found this adorable mini birdcage for $1! I thought it would be perfect to hold a gift card and since Big Lots is one of her favorites, the rest of her gift came together effortlessly!

I'm super excited to see her reaction...although it won't be a giddy "EEEKKKKK!" I know she'll love it, still! Thanks for stopping in! I'm off to finish some stocking stuffers!

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