English Toffee Pie

Gooey Butter Cake

Have you ever heard of this or tired to make one? I have not, that is until Christmas night after my son had passed out from playing so hard all day long. My husband and I were veggin' out with the Food Network on and Miss Paawla Dean {done in my very best southern belle accent} was working away on this cake.

There's not much in the sweets world that I haven't heard of, so it peaked my interest and I ran to the store for the few ingredients I didn't have on hand.

Click HERE if you'd like to see her recipe on foodnetwork.com. It's super easy with a short list of ingredients!

So first of all,
cake does not have a crust and my OCD not only made me half the batter and bake in two pie dishes, it also pushed me to change the name. I'm calling this English Toffee Pie! :)

this is SO easy! I literally had everything in my pantry other than the cake mix and it took me less time to get this pie made than it did for me to load the dishwasher when I was done!

Like, I never want to stop tasting that taste or chewing that soft, buttery, gooey, chocolaty, salty, yummy, magical fabulousness!

If you hadn't had this, go try it now! Remember, we all have a few more days before we have to start our diets...so indulge one last time! This is sooooooooo worth it!