Cupcake Dresses Now For Sale

I have been spraying Lysol...using Clorox wipes...
and disinfecting every surface of my house!
Yes, my family had an unexpected guest 
staying at our house for the last few weeks!

The Stomach Bug!

But, we are now on the up swing! Yay!
And, I have been working on something super fantastic for the etsy shop!


From fashion wedding magazines to the biggest party planning blogs, cupcake wrappers are being talked about everywhere! So, how do mine differ from everyone else's? They are haute couture all the way...with 3D embellishments, my wrappers will WOW your guests!

My cupcake dresses are made from extraordinary stationary paper, hand cut to size and embellished by yours truly with matching decor like faux pearls and diamonds, paper flowers, felt bugs/animals/transportation instruments, etc.

My Cupcakes Dresses will be the perfect finishing touch to those party cupcakes of yours! Need a little help in the cupcake department as well? Sweet Street also offers Gourmet Cupcake Kits that makes baking like a pastry chef super easy! Check out my store for more details!

Most listings are for 10 wrappers, but more quantities are certainly available...AND they can be totally customized!! All I need is a little info about your event and I'll create the perfect dress for your cupcake display! Just message me on etsy and we'll go from there!

So, head on over to my shop, place your order for my Embellished Cupcake Dresses and have your guests dote over your one-of-a-kind display!