Homemade Pie - Just For You On Etsy

I am a fan of:
{i.e. cupcake jars, cookies pops, cake truffles...} 
that you can proudly serve/give with lots of "Oooooo's" and "Ahhhhhh's" surrounding the table!

So, when I saw fresh fruit pies baked in a mason jar for the first time, I fell in love instantly! And, began dusting off and tweaking some old bakery pie recipes...

I can finally introduce you to my newest product line on etsy

These are available in three sizes : 

The menu includes several pie combinations all named after the person or event that led to the pie's creation, including:

Apple Boutique
Chef's Caramel Apple
Briercliffe Blueberry
Mauve's Coconut Custard
Ginger Pear
Key Largo Key Lime
Tyler's Strawberry Rhubarb
Effie's Pecan
Icebox Lemon
Mom's Buttermilk Custard
S.C. Peach
Berry Patch
Winnie's Chocolate Peanut Butter

Each jar is finished with pretty fabric and a ribbon bow ... and are ready for gift giving! They would also make unique event favors! {Fabric and ribbon can be customized to fit every theme.} 

I would LOVE IT if y'all headed on over to esty and browsed around a bit! :) Let me know whatcha think!