Thoughts4Thursday ...

Have y'all had a crazy week, too?
Long weekends always get me off kilter...
I can't even believe tomorrow is Friday!!

So, this week's thoughts are going to be short and sweet -

Is there anything better in the world for a chick's self-esteem than going to the salon and being pampered?!

I mean, really; it's like this little pick-me-up every 6 weeks!
Who needs pharmaceutical drugs when you have the perfect stylist!?

I just started going to the cah-utest little salon in downtown Conway:


The decor is simple, calming and soothing ... the owner, Ashley, is sweet as can be ... and her staff is professional and super fun to talk with!

My girl, Whitney, is an old friend who just moved to town and I am sooooo glad she did! The first time I went to her, my hair needed a.lot. of help:

It had red in it.
Had not been cut in months.
Was totally drab and just not me!

Well, I can say my hair has never looked better!
And, as superficial as it sounds
That makes me happy!

So, YAY 
for feeling good
and having GREAT hair!
{ for today anyway!! }

What can you be a little superficial about? 

Have a