What you need to know
about me
if we're going to be
bloggy bff's...

  • I am not a morning person! If I don't have to be up at a certain time, I'll sleep to 9 or 10, easy! 
  • I am 5'1...my husband is 6'4. Yeah, we look pretty silly together! He is awesome to take grocery shopping, though!
Us on our wedding day!
  • I super-duper hate laundry! Not so much the washing or drying part...I don't even really mind the shaking out part...it's the hanging part I despise. 
  • Impatience is my downfall. And Chic-Fil-A is my weakness!
  • I am more concerned about Mason's heath than my own. For a quick lunch, I'll make his plate full of lean turkey, apple slices and "dino trees" {aka broccoli.} Wanna know what I have? A handful of peanut m&m's!
  • I catch myself watching the Disney Channel waaaay after Mason has left the room.
  • When the hubby and I go out to eat, we often critique the restaurant like Gordon Ramsey does on Kitchen Nightmares. {The menu isn't concise ... The decor is dreadful ... The time-to-the-window is horrifyingly long} Yes, we say all of that in our wretched British accents!
  • I'm a dreamer. I dream about owning a cupcake shop...seeing the world...etc. I do this all the time and drive my husband crazy with it!
  • I prefer any movie genre over a chick flick. When I watch a movie, I want to be entertained - I cry enough in real life, I don't want ball over some fake situation. I also prefer "boom boom" music. Not so much the lyrics as I just LOVE the beat!
  • I am a natural blonde {although, I've had every hair color in the book} and everything that applies to a natural blonde, more often than not also applies to me! {Yeeea, I can be an airhead!}
  • I love my family more than anything...and because of that, I want to spend the very most possible time with them. My motto: Every time the bank is closed, it's a reason to get together with family and eat!
  • I prefer vintage over new any day!
  • I live for my next visit to Starbucks.
So, that's about a baker's dozen of little tid-bits about me!  
What should I know about you?


Jenn said...

Beautiful wedding dress. I'm following back!