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I know I have been a little out of touch lately...so, I wanted to catch you all up on what I've been up to!

Not too much baking...

But, plenty of other things!!
What's been taking up most of my time and keeping me out of the kitchen is the renovation on my home. My husband and I are soooo close to finishing and since I had a few slow days this week, I've been working, working, working to tie up all our loose ends. (Which means a lot of painting, hammering and cleaning!)

While cleaning out a closet, I found two old cabinet doors and after diving into blogland, I came up with two awesome ideas!! One of which, you all will be interested in:

A chalkboard Menu Board!!

This was so simple...it literally only took me about an hour and half to completely finish! I took my old cabinet door, taped off the edges and filled in the center with chalkboard paint I bought from a local craft store. (Just to warn you, the paint is super thick and a little hard to apply...but completely worth it!) The directions said to wait an hour to apply the second coat...after that coat was on and drying, I hot glued some cutesy paper flowers I found in the scrap booking section. I had to wait at least 24 hours to use my chalk- which was excruciating- but, in the end I think it turned out fantastic!

I absolutely love how it adds a shabby-chic aspect to my modern kitchen! And, better yet, it was super simple and super economical!

Jade Cahoon
Sweet Street Designer Cakes and Cupcakes


Sandy said...

I LOVE the chalkboard! I was actually going to ask you where you got it but now that I know you made it, I may be borrowing your idea! SO incredibly cute!