Changes, A Rant and Sweet Babies

I updated my FB status today:
got a very interesting {and quite hilarious} letter today ... wow!
And, you can probably see a few changes to the blog,
i.e. new name, new web address, new header, etc.

So, this is what's going on ... I received word today from an attorney stating his clients {Sweet Street Dessert, Redding PA} has become aware of my business and feels I am "infringing" on their trademark. 
{7 trademarks to be exact!}

Faaabulous, right!?

My mouth dropped to the FLOOR when I read this ... I mean, this is my HOBBY. I am in a very small kitchen and don't even hit the double digits in income per year, yet they feel like I could possibly cause a dip in their business! Ha! They were also afraid consumers would confuse the Sweet Street in South Carolina and the one in PA, even though it is quite obvious I'm a home baker. All I can say is WOW!

I mean, I guess I can take it as {sort of} a compliment ... my treats must look pretty darn professional to get this kind of attention!  :)  I'll just keep telling myself that! Teehee!

Anyways, that's the deal and there's my rant. The law is the law, so I had to basically start over. But, I am super excited about this new venture!

Mason James is my uber-energetic 2 year old son who inspires me daily! From the day he was born, my mother-in-law has called him Sweet Baby James {after the James Taylor song}, so I thought it would be fitting! I mean, he is my life! 

This blog will still be chock full of recipes, pictures and food related posts - just with a mommy spin on it. You guys haven't really met "Jade The Momma," so I will post a few mommy related stories as well. And, of course, any and all etsy updates!! {My product line has a new name as well - Sweet Babies!!} Totally adorable, right!? Don't worry, I've checked - the new name is golden!

I'm thinking maybe all this happened for a reason ... is there anything better than a love of cupcakes? 

Yes, the love of  family!

So, that's the new Sweet Street  - ahem, I mean MY BLOG! I do hope you continue to follow along on this wild ride I call life! I truly love every minute spent in the kitchen ... and enjoy sharing my experiences with you!

Since I have had to change the domain name, to recieve updates you will have to click "Follow" again. I am sorry about that! I hope you stick around! New recipes soon! Thanks guys!


Chelsea said...

Aw, so sorry Jade! That's ridiculous. The research I had to do just to open up my shop was insane and there are a million trademarks that are exactly the same (like Pink Elephant...I really wanted that, but nope, there are already like 500 of them). So what's the point of a trademark if there can be 50 or 500 of them? Anyway, LOVE the new name and the new look and best of luck.

Roonis said...

Wow, that is crazy! Well ya know what? I like the new blog name and premise, and I know you'll be just as successful - maybe even more so - after getting over this little hump. Whatever, we all know who the REAL Sweet Street is! ;-)