Yes, RUN into the kitchen 
right this moment and pour 
yourself a glass of ice cold milk!

 Because I have a recipe 
that is going to blow your
peanut butter lovin' mind!


I just have to start this off by explaining my sheer LOVE of CAP"N CRUNCH cereal! 
It always has been ... and always will be my favorite flavor! 
When I was pregnant with my son, I lived on this cereal {well, that and Chic-fil-A} - CAP'N CRUNCH was my midnight snack every single night for like months. 
lol, I never buy it because of this obsession I hold; I'll eat way too much and completely blow whatever possibility of a healthy diet I may have going on.


When I saw this recipe pop up on my Google Reader the other day, my mouth dropped! 
CAP'N CRUNCH, dark chocolate and peanut butter all together in one cookie!? 

You can find the full recipe by clicking HERE. Emily over at Sugar Plum comes up with the funnest recipes! 
I heart her and her crazy combinations!

I made a few changes, mostly because I am lazy, ahem, didn't feel like getting two bags of sugar out. Instead of using both brown and white sugar, I opted for all brown. The only difference I saw was mine turned out to be slightly darker in color. 

If you love the PB and Chocolate combo, you'll flip over this cookie! It's pretty super-fantastic! 
Chewy and peanut butter-y with the smoothness and slight tang of dark chocolate. It's the perfect adult chocolate chip cookie!

Enjoy your weekend!! 
Happy Baking!