Thoughts4Thursday ...

I'm starting something a little new...

Gosh, do you feel like everything is new around here?

I have a lot of 
{not necessarily funny}
and so on...

that, to be honest, can drive my husband a little crazy! lol!

So, y'all get to hear it ...
This Thursday is all about My List -
you know, my Life's To-Do List 

- In no particular order -
  1. See Alaska. 
  2. Take my son to see Mickey Mouse in person.
  3. Tour a cheese, a coffee and a candy factory.
  4. Eat at one of Gordan Ramsey's Restaurants in England.
  5. Milk a cow.
  6. Open a business with my husband.
  7. Go kayaking in Hawaii.
  8. Take a pottery class.
  9. Attend a blog convention.
  10. Go for a hike in Ireland.
  11. Taste a macaron in Paris.
  12. Buy my husband a car.
  13. Show my son this beautiful country in a way that will teach and inspire him.
  14. Own a boat - and take it out often.
  15. Go for a hot air balloon ride. 
  16. Move to the country- have a large yard with a picket fence and a puppy for Mason.
  17. Plant a vegetable garden in that said yard.
  18. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
  19. Become a volunteer.
  20. Meet a President. {past or present...heck, I guess even a future one will work!}
  21. Go wireless for a month. {no facebook, no blog, no twitter, no email!}
  22. Help plan a wedding.
  23. See a movie at a drive-in theater.
  24. Take a train somewhere ... anywhere!
  25. Learn how to sew more than just buttons.
  26. Buy a fancy camera and take a photography class.
  27. Write a cookbook. 
  28. Ride on a cherry picker.
  29. Shop in a Trader Joe's.
  30. Have an antiquing weekend with friends.
  31. Maaaaybe even get #27's book published?!
Sources : Alaska * Cow * Balloon * Macarons * No Facebook * Camera * Cherry Picker * Trader Joes

You know, making that list wasn't as hard as I thought it would be ... I guess because deep down, we are all somewhat selfish. I know I can be at times, anyway. I tell my husband all the time,

I wanna travel more...
I wish I had this...
My life would be so much easier if I had...
How cool would it be to do that...

At the end of the day, though, I have a pretty fantastic life!
My family and I are so blessed, I am in awe of it!
And, although I would LOVE to scratch all 31 things off my bucket list,
if I didn't, I couldn't help but still feel happy and fulfilled!

I guess that's what they call

Y'all have a great holiday weekend! I'm off on another trip to the Sam's ... another fabulous seashell wedding cake is in my near future!