DIY Vanilla Extract

I love subscribing to blogs!
I think I follow close to 200 hundred different sites...
there is SO MUCH talent out there!
So many ideas, recipes, suggestions and tips on how to live...well, better!

Well, I ran across an idea/recipe the other day in a linky party that I am pretty sure is going to change my life!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

I had no idea it was so easy!
The hardest part is waiting 6 months for the steeping process to be complete - 

I am ALL about giving credit where credit is due...so, run on over to Southern Girl Creations and read about their AWESOME idea I'm totally copying!! 

Here's The Recipe:

1 gallon Vodka {any brand, any grade you like}
100 Vanilla Beans


All you have to do it split the vanilla bean down the shell's center, leaving about an inch on each end uncut {so the bean stays intact} and let them steep in the vodka for 6 months. Your container needs to be placed in a cool, dry spot {like the back of your pantry} ... and just needs a little shimmy-shake every week or two. 

Southern Girl Creations had a fantastic lead on quality vanilla beans at a wholesale price through a shop on ebay - CLICK HERE to check them out!

As you can imagine, I go through a lot of vanilla in a year's time - I'm super stoked about having my own supply! One of those half gallons is ALL MINE!!  :)  But, I will share the other, I promise! 

Once it's bottled up and given a cutsie tag, they will be perfect for gift giving and event favors!  

**If you start now, your batch could be ready for Christmas!!**

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Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Over from Amaze Me Monday. Wow, I love the thought of homemade vanilla. The best I have ever had was homemade from St. Thomas. I have book marked this to give it a try sometime. Thanks