Let's Talk About ... Whoopie!

Whoopie Pie, that is!!! ;)

These soft, cake-like cookie shells filled with fluffy and not-too-sweet marshmallow cream is a New England staple. It actually got it's name when kiddo's opened their lunch boxes at school and yelled "Whhhooopppiie!" when they saw one of these cookies packed in with their sandwiches and chips. 

Too sweet, right!?

Well, I think it's time us Southerners had a little taste of the north! Only, with a little twist ...

New To Etsy:

Sweet Street's Cream Cakes aren't like any you've seen before! The cookie shells are moist with just the right amount of sweetness ... the cream filling is super light {I mean, the main ingredient is marshmallows!!} and not overwhelmingly sugary! 

But, here's the surprise - each cookie is then rolled in complimentary confections {like candies and nuts} and then dusted with a yummy powder - not only to add another layer of flavor, but to also help the cookie release from it's wrapper. These powders include things like crushed nuts, smashed cookies like Oreo's and dark cocoa powder.

Ohhh Yeaahhh! 

I offer a box of 6 or 12 with 18 flavors to choose from, including:

Kid At Heart
Vanilla shells baked with colorful sprinkles inside and filled with sweet marshmallow cream. It is then rolled in more sprinkles and dusted with pixie stick powder.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast
Peanut butter shells, each dipped in chocolate ganache and filled with chunky peanut butter cream. It is then rolled in Reese's Pieces and dusted with crushed Reese's cereal.

Banana Nana
Fresh banana shells filled with sweet marshmallow cream, rolled in toasted walnuts and dusted with crushed Vanilla Wafers.

Sweet and spicy cake filled with spiced marshmallow cream, rolled in toasted pecans and dusted with a cinnamon-sugar blend.

Hunky Oatmeal
Spiced oatmeal shells filled with warm maple cream, rolled in crisp turkey bacon and dusted with crushed toasted pecans.

S'more's Please
Homemade graham cracker shells dipped in chocolate ganache and filled with sweet marshmallow cream. It is then rolled in Ghirardelli chocolate chunks and dusted with toasted graham cracker crumbs.

They are individually wrapped and placed in a gift box tied with a ribbon, so they are ready to give as a gift! 
{A handwritten card can be included at no additional charge, as well.} 

So, head on over to my etsy shop and browse through the full menu of flavors! 

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Whhhhaaaa Hoo ... {ahem} or should I say,